What is Temp mail -Disposable Temporary Email ? How to use it ? What are the benefits of Temp mail ?

How to Use TempMail

Temporary email addresses, better known as TempMail, is a way of stopping your private email address from getting flooded with spam emails and other kinds of malicious emails that may put your computer at risk. We need to sign up on different websites daily, and using TempMail helps us to secure our personal email IDs. Signing up on different websites helps us to get updates of different products and services, and it is a necessary step to verify our identities online. Often these email addresses are then sold to third parties which can put our email IDs at risk of getting unwanted and unsolicited marketing mails. TempMail is a work around to this problem, but how do you use TempMail?

1.How to use this Temp Mail Service ?

-Click on CREATE or RANDOM button available in left side widget .

-A new page will open with auto generated email id, click on COPY to copy the email address .

-Use copied email address to receive email.

-Your email will arrive with in few seconds and will be displaced in same pages where you copied email address from.

-You can click on refresh button if you don't receive email .

2.Why do I need Temporary Disposable Email ?

  • It is useful to protect your personal data and privacy from suspicious websites that requires email verification . If you are not confident using your personal email address to receive verification code , you can use our Temp mail service to receive any email for verification purpose .
  • Disposable emails can be helpful for temporary registration on forums, email subscribe list , mail listings to receive subscription protected contents.
  • You can use temp email for each site or associated service which sends you 100s of email that you don't want in your personal email address .
  • It could be helpful for programmers to test the functionality of any email service that they are developing .
  • You can use these temporary email address to register social media accounts like Facebook , Instagram , twitter etc.

3.. How much do I have to pay for this services?

A. Its absolutely FREE! you dont need to register any account or pay any money to use this service .

4. How long is my email ID active?

A. Email ID is active for you forever. Your emails are deleted every 10 minutes .

5. I have waited more than 15 minutes but I have not received message yet , why ?

A. It could be due to backlog on our as we receive several emails every seconds from multiple users . I would suggest you to click on refresh and see if that works. Other option could be , create new email id and try again .

5. How many email IDs I can create?

A. you can create as many email id as you want !

6. Is it necessary to download a mobile app or a software to use your service?

A. No, you do not need any software or app to use this service . It is a web-based service that is accessible from everywhere using any device .

There are thousands of TempMail services that allow us to quickly view content, post comments on different sites, or use it to sign up on various kinds of websites. You can get started by visiting temp-mail.org, and then get a disposable email assigned to your ID. Then you can hit the ‘Refresh’ tab to check if you get new emails to your disposable email address. If you don’t like the TempMail ID that is assigned to you, then you have the option to create your custom email address for future sessions.

There are 4 simple tabs on this TempMail service. ‘Copy’, ‘Refresh’, ‘Change’, and ‘Delete’, and these 4 options allow you to quickly copy the temporary email address, or change the current ID to a new one of your choice. Hitting the ‘Delete’ tab will delete the current email address that is assigned to you. It is a very easy to use TempMail service that can protect your personal data and allow you to create multiple disposable email addresses that you can later utilize to sign up on other sites. The service will be able to store hundreds of different disposable email IDs, so you can potentially use hundreds of disposable email IDs through this service.

Many websites have blacklisted TempMail sites, so it is best for you to change your temporary mail addresses, and register new names and custom IDs that have not yet been blacklisted. Using this will help you to shield your personal email IDs from spam emails that have become a huge nuisance in the modern era.

Remember, you cannot send an email with a TempMail ID. It can only be used to receive emails, and is unable to send new emails. Most disposable emails expire after a few minutes, and some can last for a few days. File attachments in emails cannot be viewed as well, so if you need to receive a file attachment, then you should use your private email address.

TempMail is a great tool to protect against online privacy concerns, and it can effectively shield your private data from spam sites. It is a very short-living solution, and so should be used only in some specific scenarios. Then again, it is a very easy tool to use.